To enhance service delivery and meet our clients’ demands, QUICK FIX offers a planned preventive maintenance schedule for every client, which states a pre-determined period for the repair or replacement of spares for the various type of equipment used by the client. However this schedule is flexible to accommodate corrective maintenance as they arise.

For proper planned preventive maintenance of your facilities, we hope to develop an annual work plan for your facilities which will usually contain the following;

  1. A planned preventive maintenance schedule.
  2. A schedule of steps to follow when responding to all corrective maintenance problems.
  3. A list of all spare parts and consumables, the quantities stocked by us and a detailed list of suppliers.
  4. A list of all the tools required for the project and sources of supply for those tools if replacement is required.
  5. A schedule of our staff dedicated to the project including those to be used as alternates in the case of any eventuality.
  6. A safety manual developed to cover all aspects of the project so as to eradicate accidents and loss time.


To be the leading Facilities Management Company in Nigeria.
To deliver the highest quality service in the industry to our customers with the best tools and equipment using best practices in the most cost effective and professional manner.
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