Quick Fix is a dynamic Organization, registered purely on the need to meet the Facilities Management requirements of our clients.

The maintenance of civil, electrical and mechanical services in any property whether residential or commercial is a significant overhead and it is therefore essential that the facilities and equipment installed are maintained cost effectively, without compromising the ability to function.

We offer our customers a comprehensive repairs and maintenance solution which manage every task to be accomplished on every item of equipment and every facility to be maintained under the service contract entered into.

Our competent management information system provides planning and tracking as well as providing pin-point accuracy in identifying problems and suggesting solutions.

Quick fix strives to set the standards in repairs and maintenance in Nigeria by continuous research and design to enhance performance and reliability while constantly reviewing feedback from our clients so as to improve our services.



Installation, planned preventive and corrective maintenance of air conditioners, appliances and electrical circuits.
Installation and Maintenance of street lights.
Maintenance of drainage systems.
Plumbing works, installation and Maintenance of borehole and water treatment plant.
Renovation and civil works.
Carpentry works and office partitions.
Project Management.
Glass and Aluminium works.
Swimming pool construction and maintenance.
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